Would involve the construction of a High Speed Line (Yellow) from London to Leeds via the East of England, the Construction of a low cost Fast Speed Freight Line (Grey) mirroring the existing WCML and a Transpennine Leeds-Manchester link.
Conventional Fast Speed Freight Line (WCML)
Since Capacity is the issue which is driving proposals for a West Coast High Speed Rail Line from London to Birmingham and Manchester, building a low cost, low impact, fast speed additional West Coast Main Line Freight Line would allow Freight to move from WCML and enable the scheduling of more existing High Speed Capacity on the WCML to ease passenger congestion. Contrary to false claims by advocates of HS2 that conventional railways cost 90% of High Speed Lines, evidence from HS2 limited own data shows that conventional track at grade is a fraction of the cost of High Speed Line which requires tunnelling, mitigation and higher construction costs.